Tuesday, March 30, 2004

NTUC FairPrice Interview

It was a very blessed Monday yesterday. I went out with my CG friend and accompanied her to SGH for a dental checkup. She was a bit weak thus need to make sure she don't faint halfway you know. Well, so this meant that I woke up at 7.30am and got out of house at 8.15am. She is so nice. Bought breakfast for me from Macdonalds. We travelled from Yishun to Outram. A long journey though. During the journey, I observed the working people that were rushing here and there. Some are with a stoning look. Others with a very worried and stressed look. I wonder what is the story behind their faces. Anyway after the checkup, we took cab home from there as she is not feeling quite well. When I reached home, I logged on to the internet. Not long after, I received a phone call from NTUC. It goes like, "Can I speak to Tricia please?.... Just want to inform you that you have been selected for the second interview. Are you able to make it this coming thursday.... " My heart was pumping faster and faster with joy and gladness!!!

After the phone call, I was almost on the verge of shouting for joy!!! In my heart, I praise the Lord for he really hears my prayers. I believe that not many were selected for the second interview. I'm glad. Oh yar why I think it's a miracle for them to call me is because firstly, when I fill up the application form, I ticked that I'm not ready to work OT. Secondly, I didn't bring my resume and documents that day. Cos the gal who called me say just bring my IC. Then I didn't bring any at all. But when I reached there, all the candidates brought their certs and documents. Thirdly, I think it's the salary I asked for is slightly higher than those that went with me, especially those that are fresh diploma holders from Ngee Ann, Temesak and Singapore Polys. I'm the only Nanyang diploma holder. Wow... so wonderful. Anyway do pray that I can get the job with wisdom and confidence as well. As it's so near Yishun, I guess that I'll be able to do pioneering work even more effectively. Trust God for all things amen!!!

Your love is the air that I breathe
Your grace is the place where I live
You are my peace
You're the reason that I sing

Your Word strengthens me through
Your hand comforts me from all fears
You are my God
I will praise You all of my days


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