Friday, March 19, 2004

Love Your Neighbor As Yourself

Yup. This is something that I've learnt yesterday from Guang Long. Love your neighbor as yourself. Basically, we've learnt a few kinds of love that we need to grow in our Christian walk in our lives today. Divine Love, Decisive Love, Excellent Love, Unconditional Love (Agape) and ... can't remember liao. I didn't bring my notes with me. This is so much that I can remember. Well, it is a lesson that reminded me of what true love is all about. Is true love about romance, marriage or saying sweet nothings to your loved ones? Or is it basically acceptance, sacrificial, available and telling nothing but thr truth? I think it is definitely the second category. Love is already a very diluted term that have been used by so many people out there. But the true demonstration of love is when one gives even though there is no hope of receiving it back in return. When one loves and gives, he/ she is vulnerable to hurts. Very often, you think that you may receive a "Thanks a lot" from the person that you helped, but most of the times, you might even get back vice versa. So what's Love to me now? For me, to love someone is to make a decision. Being decisive to love the person no matter what the person did to me or say to me. Easier said to be done. But its is true. I might not be able to reach the perfect level but at least I know I'm working towards it.

It is a decision to say "Thank You" to the one that clears your table at the foodcourt. Your word of appreciation may just brighten up the person's day. It is a decision to say "I appreciate you for ...." as whoever that is serving you in ministry or CGs will feel so much appreciated and even strengthened to serve God in greater ways. It is a decision to say "Mom thanks for cooking the meal for me". Your Mom will be so touched by your words and cook even better food next time. (Haha!!) But all in all, behind all these thanksgiving heart and heart of appreciation is a heart that really wants to love and care for others. I don't find it easy to thank someone or love someone either. But it is the effort in the decision that you make, so that you will open your golden mouth to thank the person. Isn't it better to make the world better by loving than backstabbing?

When you truly love someone, they will come to know God eventually because God is in the actions of love that you have been showing. :)
~ Share the love, give a little precious time to care, by simply just to be there. Lend a hand, everyone needs someone to lean on. So be a friend today, show someone a better day. ~


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