Monday, March 22, 2004

Calling out for biddings of blessings

Indeed, the weekend has been really enjoyable!! I had a farewell buffet dinner with my colleagues last Friday evening at Merchant Court Hotel. Cool one!! The crayfish is nice, the dessert is nice and the cakes are nice too... Hehe it's a good thing to leave the company hor. Or else I won't have such a nice meal after all... (but i won't do that too frequently... keke) Oh yar right now, I'm calling out for biddings... I need sponsors for my expenses. Hmm definitely this is only open to people who know me. But if you want to participate, I am more than willing to accept it. Hehe. Here goes the list:

1. Transport Allowance - $120 per month (So that I can meet my sheep, serve in ministries and go home of course!! )
2. Makan - $100 (my two meals per day... either breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner package)
3. Handphone Bills - $30 (every month is about $20 - $30 for each handphone)
4. Entertainment - $20 (one movie per week, $6.50 for each... the rest I'll fork them out myself)
5. Grooming - $6 (Eyebrow Trimming, once every month)
6. New Clothes - $100 (Must buy a set of new clothes every month... if not shoes also can... hehe)
This list is not a liability. It is a list of blessings. Bid for the highest and you will get back 100 folds of blessings in heavens from the Father of creation. But if you do not want to bid for any of the above, you have option 2: Pray that I get a job in line with God's plan and purpose soon. (I think majority will vote for this isn't it ?!?!? Haha)
Thanks everyone!!!
Love you guys loads....
PS: My new composition of worship song will be published soon... where?? In Xanga of course... Look out for it!!! Haha


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