Sunday, March 28, 2004

Home Alone

At home alone now. Listening to "Spread The Love" now... Frankly speaking, I'm kind of in love with... ... haha... ... of course Jesus my Savior!! (Lame... i know... jona must be thinking that this gal must be siao again... haha) So what's up with me now? Don't know what to write....

Recently, before I left my ex-company, I actually printed out all my blogs (for the past year). It was a good time of reflection for my life for the past one year. There were so many grammer mistakes man!!! As I looked back, I saw many mistakes that I've committed in the past one year. My childishness, frustration, complaints, indecisiveness etc... All due to my stubborn and disobedient character... Well, i do have blessing points of cause. There are so many man. Countless. But now I want to thank God for some very dear people in my life. Those reading my blog regularly will know. Well, I think they are the ones that really are praying for me. If not praying, perhaps concerned about my current job status. "U guys are great!!"

Oh yar last Sunday I was so convicted about the sermon of God's Destiny for us that I actually composed a song. Hmm it was an inspiration through the Holy Spirit. The song was very ministering to me. :) It goes like this:

You are my Lord
You are my Jesus and all
The narrow gate that brings us to the Father
I will run to You

You are the truth
The light that revives all hearts
The way and the truth I will follow
My life belongs to You

I give You my heart
I give You my soul
Everything I am is Yours
Surrender my thoughts
Surrender my plans
Wherever You lead me I will follow

Wherever You lead me I will go

Hope that this will minister to you guys...


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