Monday, March 15, 2004

Hope 13th Anniversary - The Best Is Yet To Come

*Rejoicing in my heart!! The anniversary has finally come to an end yesterday. And we have ended our 1.5 months of training and singing for our choir. It was really a period of hardwork and discipline. It has indeed been fun and fruitful to be in the choir, singing and praising God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength. Indeed, to minister to God and people has always been my desire. Although it has been such a long time since I sang on stage but the feeling of being used by God as a stage minister is so fulfilling. Throughout the practices and training, I've learnt lots of things from Christella, my Choir Coordinator cum Trainer. She's an inspiration to all. Not because she can sing really well, (but she does have this gifting) but it is her spirit of serving that inspired us to serve God even more. Many may say, "hmm I think Christella cannot sing as well as Ginny" or "Christella's voice is not strong enough", but to me all these doesn't matter. What's most important is that God has used her to influence many of us during this period and her heart is right, solely for the Lord.

When Ps Ben shared about the Kingdom-minded mentality from Matt 6:33, it has left a mark in my heart. I did not managed to sit through the sermon, but my heart was touched by what he shared. We think of the vision, dream of the vision and eat with the vision in our hearts. Vision-mindedness. Every decision we make, every step we take, every word we say, does it build the Kingdom of God up? Something that all might know, but something that we might not have practised enough. Well, it's never too late to experience His love and grace now. My Story thru HiStory. In fact, I'm really excited of what God is to do in teh upcoming pioneering in Yishun through GN4 and others as well. I pray that he will use me to be an Evangelism tool to the lost out there. "Lord, soften the ground for us. Use us as You've used Moses and Paul." My heart is pumping faster when I think about the Vision and growing His church. Perhaps, I must start to plan when do I want to go for missions trips and church planting eventually. Let's run the race with the baton of Vision in our hands. Amen?!? Brothers and sisters??


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