Friday, March 12, 2004

Eating a very very nice curry puff now at my desk... *hungry!! And it's $0.80 only. Keke...Have been so busy for the entire day that I have no time for short snacks like this... Not supposed to have spicy, deep fried, curry, coffee, tea and soft drinks for the entire week. Anyway had a very busy and frustrating morning with my work. Trying my very best to print out documents with chinese fonts like MingLiu and PMingLiu. But guess what, printed the document for almost ten times, there's still bound to have chinese words that turn out to be . . . Yes literally dots everywhere in the powerpoint slides. I almost wanted to bash my PC up. Moreover, the powerpoint files are in MB size that everytime I open one file and make changes to it, I got to shut down my PC and restart it again due to the lack of memory. Counting the number of times of shut downs... a total of 10 to 12 times I guess. That's why I'm so pissed. My manager kept asking me to do this and that but not considering that I have other things to accomplish for him. Moreover, everything seems to be so last minute and so call "urgent" for him. I don't understand why the way the company do things is always so inconsistent, no system, no proper instructions. For just a simple piece of order form, I can change it for more than 20 times. Hmm perhaps I really have difficulty working with people like this. Maybe this Marketing Coordinator job just doesn't suit me at all. Anyway, trust that some of you guys can identify with me isn't it? Anyway, it's Friday, thank God isn't it??


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