Thursday, March 11, 2004

Well, life still goes on for me even though I've already tendered my resignation to my boss. But you know something, I was quite worried that my GM will give me hell when she comes back from United States. But guess what, today she actually smiled at me and tried to converse with me. It's kind of unusual. But I know the reason behind this smile. Michelle was talking to her in her room yesterday for quite sometime. My GM was telling Michelle that my immediate boss has tendered and I've tendered too. She was trying to persuade Michelle to extend my stay if they still cannot hire the right person for my position. And since I still cannot find the right job, why not work untill they find a proper replacement then I can leave. I was really wondering when Michelle told me all this. But I guess this is also the reason why my GM was so friendly to me today. But my poor manager has already "kena" from her a few times already for the day. I think it is just another way to make people work for you when you have no other ways out. But I've have had enough empty promises from them ever since the KL assignment. Even if I want to extend my stay, it's solely for Michelle as I do not want her to overwork too, bearing three persons' jobs?? It's too tedious. And now, my manager really has no mood to work already. He has the very "bo chup" attitude now and he just doesn't care if he get things done anot. Well, but at least I still give my best to the company, though as "best" as last time. Guess that attitude makes a very BIG difference. So leave this with you guys:
~ It is your ATTITUDE that determines your ALTITUDE, not your APTITUDE that determines your ALTITUDE. ~


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