Monday, February 09, 2004

The Sixth Weekend of 2004

I didn't really rest well for the past few nights. It was kind of a straineous weekend for me. Went for a company's team day on Saturday morning. Reached Raffles City at 9am and started our game at 9.30am. Well, it was kind of challenging as there was a facilitator attached to each team. In my team, there were my MD, Sales Manager and my MarCom Manager. When I know that my MD is in my team, I knew that there will be a kind of non-stop nagging behind us already... (*diaoz) Anyway out first station was at Funan Centre. We were supposed to find the shop with "Volcano ......" Yar don't know what is it? We searched and searched. And finally we got to Ajisen. Ajisen was not even opened. We went in as the door was opened *but not for us. Haha then when my MarCom Manager went in and took a good look at the menu, she screamed, "Volcano Ramen"!!! Haha... there we are, so embarassed by her... Haha!! But get used to it man... She can be real fun at times. So the route went like this:
Funan Centre Esplanade Citylink Westin Stamford Hotel National Library CHIJMES
How tiring right? Then after this, I went for a job interview at FLY Entertainment. Wah... I thought this entertainment company that is started by Irene Ang can be kind of impressive. But it turn out that to be quite "un-professional". The interviewer interviewed me at a table with two partitions (which doesn't seems to help) where a lot of people seems to walk past us. The funniest part is that when people walk past us, she will get so distracted and forget that she's interviewing me. Haha... The most hilarious interview I ever had since I graduated from NYP. Hmm I have never been interviewed in such a "distracted" manner before. Well, anyway it's over. Even if they want to recruit me, I don't think I would like to have the job. It's kind of a mad one. You know lar ....
After interview, rushed down to meet Jonaphine for a time of eyebrow trimming session. Then we went to shop around and talk crap as usual. Both of us were really tired by then. Suddenly, my ex-poly classmate called me to ask if I'm interested to see my classmate perform at Suntec City. He was going to sing and dance there... hmm... i think it's Tower records... haha but too bad I had an appointment in the evening... so can't support him anyway. Well, he's always so into performance. Had such an amazing conversation with my Poly Classmate. After the chatting, me and Jona went to try some clothes... Jona keep saying, "Try Ž§›ß, •s˜ðŽ€“I..." Haha so funny... there was even one part that she was in such a stoning mode... that she actually continued what she wanted to tell me earlier on in a delay mode of 15 mins.... haha SIP (Stoning in Progress) Well, while she's stoning and I'm stoning with her, Aloysius called her and there, we met him outside Royal Sporting House. Wah... so long didn't see him, he has turned into a Police MAN liaoz... keke... haha no lar... a boy to man lor... He said in his blog that I've changed for the better, but not perfect yet.... due to my OVER-SANGUINE personality hor... (Jona... hor??) haha Anyway get used to it. When I meet someone that I didn't met for years, I'll react in means and ways that you will not expect. We parted from Orchard and I went on my way to Kovan. Frankly speaking, after meeting Jona, I felt as if I'm fainting anytime. Really so weak that I can just faint and end up in hospital lor. But nevertheless, God won't let this happen to me. When I reached Kovan, I went to Cold Storage to buy some crabsticks. After thinking through for sometime, I grabbed two bottles of sparkling juice for the steamboat as well. (IT's very super heavy lor... ) Then went Josh's hse on my own. She was so slow that I reached her flat before she even managed to pick me up at the bus-stop. Spent the dinner at her house with Benedict, James, Lirong, Alex, Guang Long, Kelly and Josh of course. Her room is very cosy which I am really envious of. Left her house at 10.00pm and reached home at 11.30pm. Was really exhausted and of course strengthless. I should have easily caught my beauty (& the beast) sleep but don't know why I just can't get to sleep. My mind is thinking of Josh's cosy bedroom, my friendship surveys and my family. Actually, also ponderng about my God and I, how close we were and how intimate we are now. Hmm, for me to know and for God to help. Well, finally caught my sleep and there it was another morning to Praise the Creator who made the one who's writing this now. Hee...
Oh yar, I watched Peter Pan yesterday with Bee Na, Alex and James. James almost fell asleep halfway and I was so amused by the story. I love this movie. How I wish I can talk like Peter, "I want to think of happy thoughts and never, never will I want to grow up!" It's always good to be a kid than an adult. But no point running away from adulthood either. You got to face it somehow one.


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