Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Yes!! It has been a nice holiday yesterday. Yesterday, I went to my sheep's place to do some visitation. As her PC is down, our boss very kindly helped her to fix her computer. Yeah!! So now, she can actually do more things with her PC. After a very long day, I'm really tired. When I reached home I nearly wanted to peng-san already. Well, but it's a real fruitful day man.
Coming Unit combined CG, will be one that is going to be real happening!! Wow!! I'm looking towards this time of worship, prayer and ministering from the Lord. Most importantly, I know that the Lord will be there! Well, it will be a time of birth and growth and also, a time to send people to bless other groups as well.
Well, I gtg. Do continue to keep me in prayers with regards to my job hunt. Believe that God will work in miraculous ways man!!


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