Friday, January 30, 2004

MiNiStEreD bY GoD!

Yes!! I'm so ministered by the Almighty last night during our last GN3 CG. Before the ministering by God, I was really burdened in many areas of my life, especially my job area. But as I think back of what happened last night, it was really amazing of how God led me into worshipping Him. (Lack of vocab... don't know how to describe.) Remembered so clearly that as we were worshipping God, God painted a vision of a man kneeling down before Him. He just spoke to me that someone in our midst needs to recognise God's presence in his life. I can't help but to lift up my hands and voice to worship Him. I didn't even open my eyes a single time during the worship. I just know that the spirit was leading and I've been led too. Never experienced such powerful worship in my life for a long long time. Well, perhaps, like what Jonaphine says, it's a contrite heart that God desires. Well, as we prayed in the spirit, I realised that we need to be activated in the spirit at all times, allowing God to work in us. It is such a powerful session that I was so awed that God visited us!! Now the song that I wrote came ringing back to me:
So touched by your grace
That it brought me to this day
I'm marvelled by your works
So touched by your grace
Your amazing saving grace
I want to lift my voice and praise your name
Isn't it amazing how God works sometimes? Especially this time round, GN3 is birthing out GN4 and guess what? I'll be going over to support Desmond (our new boss!!) together with Lirong, Mikka and James!! It's so exciting. No doubt it's kind of sad to leave GN3 but it is for a greater purpose and love for God that brings us to GN4. No doubt, I am very blessed to be in GN3 under the leadership of Alex. The whole group has blessed me a lot in spirit and in love. Pray that this will continue to flourish and grow in GN4. I believe that our group will grow!! ( By the grace of God, we are who we are and His grace to us is not without effect!!)


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