Wednesday, January 07, 2004

WAY TO SERVE: Leading Through serving and enabling
By Eddie Gibbs
It has been quite sometime since I read Christian Literature. But recently I bought something to revive my attitude in serving God. It's the title as mentioned above: WAY TO SERVE. I was at Life Bookshop last Sunday with some of my friends. And there I was browsing around and saw this book. People who know me well know that I will never spend money to buy Christian Literature to read. But this time round, it's a different case. I was comtemplating between which one to buy. My friend came over and ask,"Are you buying this?" and I answered, "See first lor." Then later on I told him, "Maybe I don't need this now" cos in my heart I was saying to myself that "I'm not a leader why should I learn how to serve like a leader?". Well, thereafter, I just don't know why, instead of spending the money to buy clothes that I need or to save for movies but I bought the book. Perhaps, deep within my heart I know that I am obeying the voice of the Holy Spirit. I read the first few pages already. It's a daily meditation. And I'm already in my 3rd day meditating on the way Abraham served in the OT.

A few things that I've learnt (in point form):
- "Leader" is just a designation. The primary role is "servant".
- Leadership is not a matter of control but of influence.
I got to go now. Share more with you guys about what I've learnt recently. Take care all!!


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