Tuesday, January 27, 2004

What About Chinese New Year?

Chinese New Year Eve
Had a great dinner with my family at a coffee shop... My mom decided that she shall not cook this year... that's why we ended up there. It took us 2 hours to have this reunion dinner, without my dad. The service wasn't fantastic. We had our Yu Sheng as the first dish, second was the steam fish, but it came only half an hour after we finished our Yu Sheng. My sister was so agitated at their ignorance of our table that she walked to the supervisor and asked why they didn't serve anything at our table after such a long time. Well, it was lousy service but a great time to spend with my mom, brother and sister-in-law, my nephew and niece and my sister of course. ;) But I wasn't able to focus on teh food as I was having stomachache throughout the whole dinner. Had diarreaoh after the dinner. I though I would have fainted then. But thank God, I pulled through that. hehe After that, I met up with Jonaphine to go to Guang Long's house to have a mini-gathering. Haha... the whole things turned out to be kind of funny as a lot of the guys didn't turn up except the sisters of our group. Hmm interesting gathering... we left at 11.15pm. Why? Cos Jonaphine mentioned that gals who are still single cannot stay out overnight on Chinese New Year Eve. haha... so gals out there reading my blog did u stay out that night?? Hmm then I added, "Well, that means if you stay out, you can't get married for life is it?" haha we all laughed our way home...
Chu Yi (First Day of CNY)
Slacked. Slacked. And still slacked. Nothing to do on the first day. Didn't go relatives' house as there's none to go. My mom's relatives are all in Malaysia. Only one or two in Singapore which were kind of inconvenient for us to go. Ate a lot of bak kwa (barbecued pork meat...) Yummy delicious!! In the afternoon, my boss suddenly called me , asking if we want to watch movie in the evening. Yups... I called up all the girls and hehe guess what, all girls turned up. :) Hmm both Jona and me concluded that all the girls in our group are more "cheong" than the guys as they are more family type lor... haha Watched "The Last Samurai". The show is cool, great and marvellous!! Tom Cruise is so good in his acting!! I was deeply touched by the spirit of the Samurais and their determination in the battle. No sign of fear on their faces, no regrets at all. Well, perhaps I should learn more from this show. Oh yar, one thing in common for this "The Last Samurai" and "The Lord Of The Rings, The Return Of The King", all bowed down to the heroes of the battles... hehe... After that we went to Jona's house for a mahjong session. Haha we didn't managed to complete the whole full round of Dong, Nan, Xi and Bei. Only Dong then we gave up liaoz... Shumin and Matthew joined us at 11 plus... then after that they sent us back to Northpoint and me back home... gheese... so nice of them... ;)
Chu Er (Second Day of CNY)
Let me think... what did I do on Chu Er? Oh I remembered!! I woke up at 12 plus... saw my hp's sms. My ex-shepherd, Nicole, msged me to go her house to "Pai Nian". then I washed up and rushed to her house. By the time I reached there was already 2 plus liaoz. Had a great time talking to her. Thereafter, I went with her to Shuzhen and Shuping's house to pai nian too. Hmm saw quite a few High School students there. I saw a lot of photos that Shuzhen kept. Was pretty touched as I saw myself in the photos. I came a long way (as Ps Jeff has always told me). I really thank God for all these things that happened in my life especially on the day I received Him as my Lord and Saviour. Can't believe it myself. It has been 7 years plus that I've stayed in Hope. Way to go!! Yeah!! After the visitation at Shuzhen/ping's house, I went to Edna's house for another Mahjong session. Haha, my pleasure to meet Edna's daughter, Mikko. Oops... this one year old plus golden retriever nearly scared me to death. Haha I'm fearful of dogs. But turned out that it is real scared of me man. We had fun of course at the Mahjong table and Desmond and Edna keep Hu-ing their game. Haiz... they really don't know how to give way one leh... haha
Chu San (Third Day of CNY)
Lirong and Josh came to my house to Pai Nian. As usual, the blur Josherine, had a good trip touring Yishun as she missed her stop. We were waiting for her at the bus-stop and she could actually miss us. Haha we had a nice little chat in my room. Then after that, I have to rushed down to my secondary school teacher's place to pai nian. Had a lot of thoughts and feelings when I met some of my ex-classmates up. It was kind of sad seeing them smoking after the visitation. After the visitation, I went to Bishan to buy something for Josh's Birthday and then went to Raffles City to meet up with Mikka. We went to Tim's house together in a cab. Then we had a charade game and a Macarena dance for Josherine. For more details, please visit www.xanga.com/Princess_Jona haha very tiring to repeat everything. then we had time of affirmation for Josherine. It has always been good to affirm people. Build them up in spirit and in truth man!!
Chu Si (Fourth Day of CNY)
Yes, it's our Sunday Service again. Haha the praise don't seems to be like praise... hehe we sang Chinese New Year Songs... whenever they sing, "Gong Xi, Gong Xi, Gong Xi Ni" me and Jonaphine will laugh like crazy women... it's really funny. The sermon was great as Ps Ben gave us 8 Blessings from the gospel of Matthew, The Beattitudes. Learnt lots from the Word. After service, we went for a pool session at Orchard, the one besides Hello Singtel. It has been a long time since I last played pool. wah amazing... Hmm... nevertheless, I didn't managed to win any game as me and Josherine were in the same team and we were all rusting away in our pool skills. Haha...
Ok I have to stop here... or else it will be another "longest blog". See you guys... tomorrow I would have to start work liaoz... can't slack anymore. heehee... have another great 9 days of Chinese New Year.... Wishing all the best in this new year!!


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