Friday, January 09, 2004

Company Restructuring?

Yes. It's time to restructure. Well, this morning I was helping my colleagues to shift things as our boss has decided to change their sitting arrangements. There my two cute colleagues go... one sitting opposite me now and one sitting much further away from me. I'm pretty upset cos there will be lesser chance for us to communicate. But I'm happy because my colleague Michelle most likely will be promoted. Happy for her!! Finally, she is going to another level. Well, as for me, I think I'll be given more tasks to do. Feel that I'm not really been groomed properly in this company. But nevertheless, I'm still learning. Never rejected that mentality at all. Hope that as the days go by, I will continue to gain more experience. Now, I'm not justing coordinating Shaw Brothers' Classics' titles but I'm doing Raintree, Disney, BVHE and some other independent titles as well. Though it seems that the job is quite interesting, but it has never been glamorous to me. Well, because there's a lot of work involved. And better still, some things that a diploma holder might not want to do.

I wish that I can continue to further study but it seems so far away. My results in poly might not be fantastic but it has never occured to me that I should stop studying. I'm just looking out for more miracles that God can work and create.


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