Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Life is likE a BoX oF CHocOlaTes....

Life is so much like a box of chocolate... you never what will happen it for the very next moment? The chocolate might be eaten up by someone or something?
Yesh. I feel that life is so much like a box of chocolates. Especially mine. So many happenings. I ever wondered if one day I am to meet an accident, or have some kind of fatal illness or disease, what is going to happen to my family and friends and loved ones? Therefore, I wish I can bring them to Christ before I die. Though I'm still young but I still think that life is really short. I don't want to live a life with regrets. Actually I ever wanted to do a video clip of my life testimony so that it will be remembered by people as I get them to know about me, the ups and downs as well as my strengths and weaknesses in my life.
Well, accept the fact that my life and your life is not perfect and you can never find perfection in it, but we can slowly achieve bit by bit, the kind of perfection, especially life after knowing Christ. So are you working towards perfection of life now?? A life that will never end? Eternity? Infinity...


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