Monday, January 19, 2004

Today is a very quiet day with not much happenings. But for the past few days, things have been happening at a very fast pace. On Friday night, I met up with Jona for a shopping session at Causeway Point. Hmm it's kinda interesting because after going rounds and rounds, we only bought one short sleeve shirt each which we wore on Sunday. Hers is red and mine is black. But we did not plan this at all. Perhaps it is the frequency thingy that caused us to be so unique. Haha
On Saturday, went to the blood donation with jona and lirong. Only Jona donated but we didn't. Cos we are all sick and coughing, on medication etc... It is not an excuse for sure though I am quite fearful of the blood donation thingy. The needle is quite big you know. Haha... Anyway Jona keep claiming that someone is looking at her while she was in the centre donating her precious red fluid... haha I can only say that it's either the guy is quite giddy or Jona is too giddy during the donation. Oops... I think she is going to kill me!! Hehe
After blood donation thingy, I went to Tiong Bahru to meet up with my shepherd for shepherding. I was rather early. So went to shop around and bought a black pants for my upcoming Choir for church anniversary. Hehe so happy I bought it at half the price, which is $29.50. Heehee great savings leh!! Then met up with shepherd at 2 plus... she taught me about the fellowship of the mat, which was taught by Kelly. Will take chance to impart this teaching to my sheep (baabaa)... keke so Lirong, you have some more food coming liaoz....
After shepherding, I rushed down to Redhill to meet the Media people for a Media Family Day!! But to my surprise, I saw some WAM people there. Haha some very familiar faces though.... Had a great time laughing and playing games. As usual, I'm the most clumsy out of all as I dropped the tennis ball more than 3 times during one of the games. Hmm... guess that I've lost all my netball skills liaoz.
Yesterday, did my stage mixing with one of the sisters in church. Well, it's a great time at the backstage. Really love to do sound and worship God with my ministry as I serve Him. But I would even love to sing with all my heart to Him. Hmm... really excited about the 100 people choir that's coming this March, for our Church's 13th Anniversary (If I'm not wrong lar). Well, never really expect myself to be in it. Perhaps, it's God's grace that gave me chances after chances. Thank You Lord!!
Learnt something about voices from Alex's shepherding with Victor. I sat in and kay poh a bit lar... haha but thank God I really learnt a lot of things. Hmm Alex, if you happen to read this, I should say that your illustration and biblical sharing helped me a lot. do provide me with the materials that you promised ok? hehe...
Well as for my job, I have decided to tender latest by end of February. Hopefully I can get my bonus before I leave so that I can survive qithout a job for quite sometime. I'm sending out resumes already. Anyway I believe that God will give me a great job because he's not just the Provider but my Employer too!!


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