Wednesday, February 04, 2004


Finally managed to have some free time to write my blog. It has finally been a real busy day and time really flies when you have things to do. No time for me to chat on msn, to surf the web for my jobs and no time to see forwarded emails. But I'm really glad and happy that I had such a great day of work today.
This morning when I was on my way to work, this scenario just floated out in my mind again. I remember that few years back when I just shifted to my new place at Yishun, I couldn't get used to the place as Yishun is kind of far for me. On one particular day, when I was waiting for my feeder bus near my house, I saw this pregnant lady walking in front of a 4 year old girl. As I look a little bit closer, I saw that the girl's hands and legs are all bruised and blue blacks can be seen almost everywhere that is visible. Then, the very next moment, I heard the mom screaming at her and asking her to walk faster. She said something like this,"If not for you, I wouldn't have been late for work!!" (In Mandarin) Then she yelled at her when everyone at the bus-stop were looking at the two of them and that includes me. The girl walked over to her mom, crying and not knowing what to do. She pulled her hair and pinch her arm. She screamed out in tears and cried out in pain.

And there I can't do anything. But I was really angry. I starred at the mom in a very stern manner. I was only 17. She realised my presence and that my eyes have been watching them. Now she say in mandarin, "Never see parents disciplining kids before is it?" I was so pissed off. The only thought that came to my mind is that you are not disciplining your child at all, you are abusing her!! I was really ready to call the police but I didn't. I don't know why but perhaps there was fear in my heart too. I can only pray that God will protect this little lady and that she will not grow up in bitterness and insecurity. But you know what, few months later, I saw them again at the bus-stop. This time round, no screaming, no scolding and no abuse. The girl was looking real happy and the mom was with the umbrella sheltering her under the hot scorching sun. I was really glad and relieved at that point of time.
I can say that my compassion goes to those who are lost and not found. Just like Jesus whose compassion is for those who are tired, hungry and thirsty. The situation that I just wrote also reminds us one thing. Many a times, we are like the "mom", frustrated and irritated by situations, circumstances, problems and financial burdens in our lives. We blame others (girl), we vent our frustration (abuse) on others and we do not care whose watching. But God is watching us and we are responsible and accountable for our actions. I am accountable for my words too. But no fear, Jesus is gracious and forgiving.
*Learn to take responsibility. Respond rather than React to situations. Let the Word of God be the reservoir in your heart.*


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