Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Evangelistic Concert

My mom just got an invitation from an ex-neighbour last Sunday for a concert at Singapore Expo. And guess what?? She knew that it is an event organised by my ex-neighbour's church but she still accepted the invitation. I'll be going with her on that night!! So exciting!! I know that my mom is going to know God soon. God really knows my burden man!! Well, this Saturday evening I'll be out for Ho Yeow-Sun's concert. My friend invited me for it and she's gonna pay for me. Hmm I think that it is going to be a very interesting concert. Never dislike her and disagree with her becoming a singer. But perhaps she really wants to influence the society but is too constrained by the terms and conditions set by the records company. Well, hope that she'll go strong for Christ!! A prayer point to note at this moment!! Please pray for Bee Na and her family. Hope that her family will come to know God soon. God always put situations in our lives so that we can be stretched in our faith and trust in Him. However, He'll never break that faith beyond our hearts' maximums. Do pray for Bee Na's friend, Jiahui to know God too. Thanks for bearing with me in all these prayer points. Prayers works even a thousand miles away. So those who are overseas, we'll not forget about you too. Weichuen and Adrian who can see my blog, I'll be keeping all of you in prayers and thoughts as well!! Miss you guys!! Cheers!!


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