Monday, January 05, 2004

Today is the first Monday of 2004. Everyone's tired after all the breaks, holidays and partying. I think almost all will feel the same way as me - holidays are never enough. Personally, I feel body aches all over. Maybe I didn't rest well enough. The office's atmosphere is so funny today. Defination of funny : Explosive, Frustration and Eruption. Just experienced two quarrels at the same timing. One is my company's secretary quarrelling and arguing with my colleague in Sales. He's a very senior one in our company. Another one is my Marketing Manager that shouted at my Creative colleague. At the same timing. This is headache. The whole environment is getting political. Well, I think this is going to be real serious case.
Anyway yesterday evening I had a very fun time going out with the twins and jx. Haha!! It's very fun to go out with them and I feel very myself. It's just me to joke and joke and joke. They kept suaning me but then, at a way that is not up to my limits. Though I was very tired then, but I think it's really nice to meet them up once in a blue moon.
Met up with my shepherd yesterday morning. She shared with me the meaning of setting resolutions for the new year. I told her that I've phobia of setting resolutions for the new year as I often failed to keep them. But this time round, after hearing from Candice, I'm going to start this new year all over again, knowing that I will try to be more flexible and realistic in my resolutions as well.
Yesterday's sermon was fantastic. It spoke right into my very heart. In the morning, I told God that I was very upset and confused with my past. Very specifically, I wrote this statement, "It hurts to remember. How I wish I'll just forget about everything and start life anew again." And there, the very anointed Pastor Ben Lee spoke about this, "Stop dwelling in the past." There I know this, "God there you go again. Everytime I'm in trouble, You always speak the things that are meant for me." I felt so assured and so confident that God is really holding my hands and walking me through this dark valleys. My favorite song goes like this, "Forgetting what lies behind, straining towards for the prize, always fixing our eyes on our Lord Jesus..." That is going to be one of my resolutions this year!!


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