Saturday, September 13, 2003

No place like HOME

I reached home last night at 12.40am... was soooo tired... couldn't understand what home really is until when I'm back yesterday. The best night of rest that I ever taken ever since I went to KL till now. It's a testing for me cos I've never been working so far away ever since I started work last year till now.
A challenging thing I guess. Learnt lots of things. Kena lots of scolding and went through lots of tiring nights.

Nevertheless, I felt the peace of God deep inside my heart and I'm so glad that in such a faraway land God is still with me answering my prayers. Yesterday was a test of my faith in Him again. I didn't managed to book a ticket for my coach from KL back to Singapore. I took up the courage to call up my GM in Singapore to ask her for permission to leave office early so that I will not be caught in the jam to Puduraya from Petaling Jaya. Then hor, she started to scold me for not doing forward planning and ask me to finish some stuff before I leave the office.

Hehe God is good!! I called up the cab company. To my surprise, I managed to get a cab after waiting on the phone for 5 mins...(Usually they will say "NO CAB"!!) haha God answered my prayers again. Then here comes the cab. The cab driver is really good. He drives fast and reached my destination within 20 mins (which usually takes 30 mins to 45 mins) and God blessed me again!!

But when I reached the bus station, it's so scary. It's hot and there's a lot of people (majority malays and indians). being my first time there, i don't even know where to buy the ticket. I walked around, observed a bit... and start to approach the different bus companies to ask if there's tickets back to Singapore. All the big companies are all sold out!! I'm getting a bit worried. But when I went to another one with no queue at all, and asked the lady if there's any ticket from KL to S'pore, at 6.30pm, to my surprise again, there is!! God never fails!!

What an exciting journey!! The bus wasn't that comfortable but I still give thanks. I think Paul in the bible didn't even have a coach to take to go church planting and sleep in a comfy couch. Guess that he slept on a wooden plank in a ship... keke When I reached Singapore, it's already midnight. I was having a headache. Tired and strengthless.... went straigth home to my Yishun home... and there it is... "No Place Like Home" . Here I am writing this journal at Home.

To all who have a great family and home, remember to appreciate those staying with you. Never take them for granted. All else u will have to go through what I went through... testing from God. Guess that this trip is worse than those guys serving in NS. At least they can come back during weekends.... If I stay in KL for two and a half years and travel in and out, I will go berserk... haha

anyway... I am glad to have friends in Xanga and my churchmates supporting me. Will move with God. No worries. keke.... Love all of u. remember to keep close with God.

~ True friendship is like a circle with no end. No matter how seldom you meet your friend, you will still end up in the same circle. ~ Tricia


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