Monday, September 08, 2003

yesh!! finally I am back to Xanga again. wa seh!! I'm so tired siah. Didn't have time to even rest well. My bosses are always sticking with me and my colleague. Don't even have time to go out on my own.

But the good news is I'm getting better and all ready to zoom...... back to Singapore this Friday evening!!! haha but it's only for a weekend or so cos I still have to go back to malaysia to help out. Been trying to hint to my boss about coming back to Singapore. So please pray for me that my company will be able to employ someone to do my job as soon as possible.

Really thinking about all my Care Group members, family members, as well as my colleagues in Singapore. haha but don't know whether they miss me anot. ( I think so... miss my noise right?)

Oh yar. Another prayer point. I'm really stressed up here cos the amount of work here is much much more than in Singapore. And it's kinda scary to face my GM directly in meetings. I need strength from God. Or should I say that I need rest in God. Really need a good worship and QT in God everyday.

If you are reading my blog now, please give me two eprops to show your support... need the support from friends and pals from Xanga.... hehe so that I know I'm not alone. (keke... just joking... i know God is with me... ;)) ok. i got ciao. pals God bless your week.

~ Love is not a feeling. It is to care for the needs of the one that is beside you everyday... ~ Tricia


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