Monday, September 01, 2003

harlow guys. must be thinking why i took such a long time to do an update in Xanga right? hmm the internet is super duper difficult to access, that's why...

anyway i miss the friends in Singapore. hmm i wish i can get back there in two weeks' time... pray for me yar?? i can only be back in Singapore for a weekend then I will have to get back to Malaysia. This means that my trip will be extended for another month or so.

Sorry alex, guess that I cannot come back in time for your birthday celebration. well... I really do hope to come back. I miss leading CG chairing and P & W as well.
Josherine... do take care of yourself over there in Singapore. Now no one is disturbing u by biting u and screaming into your ears liao.
Well now Jessica now one less loudspeaker... so are u amplifying enough for the group?? haha they need a full stereo sound system... keke
for the rest of the guys... guess that after sunday service no one will keep dragging u guys to play pool liao right?? haha

See... I really miss u guys... hmm never mind will dream of u guys when I'm sleeping. pray for me to grow in the Lord continuously and to be disciplined to pray to Him and spend time with Him ok??

So last but not least all those out there reading my blog. thanks for all the concern and comments. realli thankful for all of u. keep in touch. email me when u r free k?? my email is

that's abt it. Buaiz...

~ God is the hiding place and refuge wherever you are. He is the City of Refuge, a place of comfort and strength. ~ Tricia


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