Thursday, September 04, 2003

Down again with my gastric pain and indigestion problems again. On tuesday night when i returned home from work, i threw out after alighting from a taxi with my colleagues. was so horrible. after a while, went home and slept. didn't had much of dinner. only ate a bit of porridge. then in the morning 4 plus... i woke up to vomit again.

Had one day of MC yesterday. then went to see doctor. the third time i threw out yellow acid (yucks!!) felt so sick for the past two days. But today I think it's better. I had hor fun for lunch and now my stomach is slowly recovering... though still a bit sour feeling... hmm it's been an adventurous week isn't it?? keke

perhaps I realli need a good day of rest. have been returning home late at past midnight or 2 am. tired and lethargic. well... God bless me with good health how about it? I know u will answer my prayers isn't it? hehe

feeling so heavy in my head and my stomach. maybe my GM and CEO shouldn't have took such good care of me. They bought me seafood consecutively for two nights last week. had too much of food again on Monday night. finally tues we had porridge cos they went back to Singapore... :)

anyway pray for me to have more encounters with God. got to go. hear from u guys... :)



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