Wednesday, September 10, 2003

hey guys thanks for your notes and encouragement!! well... it's really good to know that I have supportive buddies around me. Indeed when I read the comments for my previous blog, I almost wanted to go home and pack my stuff, take my passport and fly back to Singapore already.
can't wait to go back to Singapore. I think that I will only have a very short weekend.

But nevertheless, I need you guys to pray for me. Cos my family is having some problems... don't know why my parents are not doing well with one another. seems that there is some mistrust somewhere... hmm never mind... I know God will see me through... Hope that this will not be too long ya??

Ok. I got to go. Or else I'll be caught lazing around. Thanks guys... Hear from all of u?

"Life is pretty precious... Especially when there is love." ~ Aletha Jane Lindstrom


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