Monday, September 15, 2003

The KL and Singapore Danger

It has been a very long and tedious night. I left Singapore at 9 plus and took a 5 to 6 hour coach to KL. Knowing that I will reach KL very late, I told my colleague from Singapore not to wait for me and get him to go back to the apartment first. But... later on at 11 plus 12am, my HR manager called me up and reprimanded me for leaving Singapore so late.
The funniest thing here is not just that she got my colleague to go back to my alighting point to wait for me but we checked into a hotel. WHY!?!
haha cos our apartment's key (which was just duplicated last friday) cannot open the door of our condo.

Haiz stayed in the hotel last night I only managed to sleep at 3.30am. And now I'm back to my workplace. Really tired and my brain ain't working. This is not the happening. Before I went up to the coach at Golden Theatre (Beach road) comething stupid happened. As u know, that area always have a lot of thai and indian workers on Sunday. Then happened that yesterday while I was waiting for the coach some walked pass and one guy keep looking at me. I was pissed off and asked him, "You have a problem is it?!?" then he couldn't understand what i was trying to say and began to squat down beside me thinking that I might be interested in Him. ( ??? ) There I got even more irritated. I shouted at Him, "Go away!!!" for more than 3 times as I felt so disgusted by that guy. Finally, he went away knowing that I will scream if he stay any further. I was really boiling.

Then throughout my trip I felt so much like crying cos it's just the "don't want to go back" feeling. I did cry a bit but not for long. But thankfully I got to know two Singapore gals that are on the same coach a s I do. They are two years older than me though they don't look that old. Feel like I'm "cao lao" (look older than I am). I gotten their contacts and am determined to invite them to service when I'm back in Singapore. hehe... God still works miracles... :)

I got to go. Guys keep me in prayers. CG members, I'll see you guys in Genting!! Waiting for my birthday cake!! haha.... take care everybody!!

~ God is the ever present help, place of refuge and hiding place in times of need. ~ Yanyan


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