Tuesday, June 17, 2003

It has been a few days since I updated my Xanga. Anyway been a long weekend.... though it's just two days but i managed to accomplish a lot of things ya!! Had a fruitful week last week cos I managed to get some contact numbers through street evangelism at Cineleisure. This is my first time doing street surveys to adults. And mind you, it is not easy at all.
At first, I didn't have the courage to approach at all. But with my partner Luke, we began to practise courage by initiating and approaching some out there.
After that session, I realised that my compassion for the lost souls must continuously deepen and the conviction to reach out to them must grow even much more.

Last Saturday, I managed to make the decision to go back home to spend time with my mom, dad, nephew, niece. Haha. I forsaken the right to go Sentosa with my CG (though I wanted to go). I tink I missed out a lot of fun there but in return I managed to get some good rest, spend time with my family, do my laundry and also watched Harry Potter!! hehe.... Fruitful Sat indeed.

Sunday was the precious day. has our dear visitor with us, Mr Chua Wei Quan and his 2 friends from Navy, Zhi Ming and Adam. Glad to see them there. Pray that they will really know God even more to a deeper extend.

Life is short. Spend your life to the fullest extend u can. I believe that I will do so hopefully.

~Only One Life Soon Will Past. Only What's Done For Christ Will Last.~


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