Saturday, June 21, 2003

Yoz!! It's a Sat morning and I woke up from bed early at 9am... (normally I always wake up even earlier to go Youth Service). This week has been simple for me. Why? Cos I din want to think too much. Thinking sometimes causes side effect though. Haha...

Anyway during thurs lunch I had a horrible time. Because my colleague kept on asking me why I shifted out to stay with my friends. Why didn't I stay with my family members. And then keep on probing about my background. I almost wanted to burst out in tears. Though I am kinda bubbly with them, but they should have a red light to certain things that they ask me and suan me about. I almost cannot take it anymore!! I wish that I can be an eagle that can fly away immediately from that moment onwards.

Anyway I am thankful to God for blessing Nicole with a principal job at a new AGAPE childcare centre, with good increments, good staff benefits and most importantly good working hours... haha
I believe that God will bless me with a good job too, just wait for his timing!! :) I know what I need to do now is to persevere on in Videovan, gain the kinda experience that I need then find a better job... :)

So why worry?? God is with me. His grace is ever with me.... I need not fear, I need not be discouraged.... :) God is good and his love endures forever!!!



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