Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Today I had a funny morning. My principal from Celestial Pictures came to my office. He's a tall Caucasian named Mr William Pffeifer. Wow. Look at him. u will lov to see him cos he's so handsome. haha.

anyway everyone were like in a fluster as we are trying to pack their things nicely, do the display at the reception properly, making the whole office neat and tidy, though it is actually not that neat after all. This is a morning that reminded me of Jesus who is coming back soon. If Jesus is coming back soon, what will we be doing now?? Reading, sleeping, or trying to get things right in our lives with God?? Haha. I tink it is just time for us to wake up from our lala land isn't it true. Anyway just work your best for the Lord. He is realli coming back soon. At a time that u and I dun even know at all.

So dear all, pls pls pls. I beg all of u. Don't waste time away. Take up God's call for you in your life and charge all the way can??

Live life to the fullest!!


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