Wednesday, June 25, 2003

eh oh!! wah. Thank God it is Wednesday and I am so glad that I have gone thru half of the week ... (don't know how did i managed to survive) anyway it is always God's grace that brought me thru.

toking to junyao now and we are recalling how God spoke to us last time and how God used me to challenge the people in the past... that so many lives were touched.... i'm just so grateful of how God used me last time. I believe that he can use me now too cos he's the same yesterday, today and forever...

actualli i have a lot of burden and passion for P & W. But when I came over to YA, I realised that people needs the lord so much. the compassion just deepened my conviction that i need to outreach to the people.

See the conversation below between me and Junyao on ICQ:

|shEphErd (7:22 PM) :

yan yan!!

Tricia Tan (7:22 PM) :


|shEphErd (7:23 PM) :

went home so early ah?

Tricia Tan (7:23 PM) :

nope i'm still in office

|shEphErd (7:24 PM) :

wah!! so late!! doing what?

Tricia Tan (7:24 PM) :

work lar

|shEphErd (7:24 PM) :


Tricia Tan (7:25 PM) :


|shEphErd (7:25 PM) :


|shEphErd (7:36 PM) :

u got blog?

Tricia Tan (7:38 PM) :

i have xanga....

|shEphErd (7:39 PM) :

wah!! is ASP.Net leh

Tricia Tan (7:39 PM) :

huh?? wat u mean

|shEphErd (7:40 PM) :

nothing... some programming stuff

|shEphErd (7:41 PM) :

wah!! Your child & princess!

Tricia Tan (7:41 PM) :


Tricia Tan (7:41 PM) :

nice hor

|shEphErd (7:41 PM) :


Tricia Tan (7:42 PM) :

hehe i did the colour combi myself

|shEphErd (7:43 PM) :

izzit? not bad leh

Tricia Tan (7:43 PM) :

hehe thank u hor

|shEphErd (7:44 PM) :

u are welcome!!

|shEphErd (7:46 PM) :

wah!! kinda miss those inspiring speech u have for us last time... reading ur diary reminds me all the hard work, tears & sweat last time

Tricia Tan (7:47 PM) :

hmm where u reading now??

i miss those times that i challenge with all my heart and soul as well

|shEphErd (7:47 PM) :

read finish the 1st page liao

Tricia Tan (7:48 PM) :


|shEphErd (7:48 PM) :

now going for the 2nd

|shEphErd (7:49 PM) :

ur bowling skills!! hAAH!!

Tricia Tan (7:49 PM) :

but only that time i failed what

my pool skills improving though

|shEphErd (7:50 PM) :

u mean u are playing pool also?

Tricia Tan (7:50 PM) :

yar my first outing with CG is pool haha and badminton

|shEphErd (7:50 PM) :

next time can challenge u liao...

Tricia Tan (7:50 PM) :

ok on...!!

|shEphErd (7:50 PM) :

how come the photos are not showing ah??

Tricia Tan (7:51 PM) :

cos of some problems... i give u a url u check it out ok??

|shEphErd (7:51 PM) :

(Acts 20:24)


|shEphErd (7:52 PM) :

thats a nice verse!!

Tricia Tan (7:52 PM) :


Tricia Tan (7:52 PM) :

|shEphErd (7:52 PM) :

still remember how u challenge me to serve God in the mac in queensway

Tricia Tan (7:53 PM) :

haha... i told u abt being serious abt God's vision and his people

|shEphErd (7:54 PM) :


|shEphErd (7:54 PM) :

time flies man!!

|shEphErd (7:54 PM) :

but all these memories is still so fresh in my mind !!

Tricia Tan (7:56 PM) :

hmm tht's good

|shEphErd (7:56 PM) :

remember Dewen dancing on the table & *BOM* he hit the ceiling!! hah!!

|shEphErd (7:57 PM) :

remember calling me @ night & asked me got anything to confess??

Tricia Tan (7:57 PM) :

haha at WTC... the 11th floor right

Tricia Tan (7:57 PM) :

the Siobhan thing

|shEphErd (7:57 PM) :

remember Ethan was late for 2 hrs for cg??

Tricia Tan (7:57 PM) :

haha and i'm so fierce and strict with u guys

Tricia Tan (7:57 PM) :

yesh... taking his history text with him

|shEphErd (7:58 PM) :

yeah!! but really thank God for what u did or else all of us will not be where we are right now

Tricia Tan (7:59 PM) :

i mean i din do much... it's God who is working in all of your hearts

|shEphErd (7:59 PM) :

still remember the camp u challenge us until we cry!! thats 1 cry i will never forget man

|shEphErd (7:59 PM) :

God uses you!!

Tricia Tan (7:59 PM) :

yar i am so thankful

Tricia Tan (7:59 PM) :

it's the st john camp

if u din tell me i might not have recall

|shEphErd (8:00 PM) :


Tricia Tan (8:01 PM) :

u not crying... u were wailing away haha

|shEphErd (8:01 PM) :

i remember God told me that He chose me... when i heard that, my tears couldn't stop flowing out

|shEphErd (8:01 PM) :

ya... i know

|shEphErd (8:02 PM) :

that's was when i know that God is more important than anything

Tricia Tan (8:02 PM) :

good. very good.

|shEphErd (8:03 PM) :

wah all ur blogging is so ministering!!

Tricia Tan (8:03 PM) :

hehe realli ??

|shEphErd (8:03 PM) :


Tricia Tan (8:04 PM) :


|shEphErd (8:04 PM) :

frankly speaking... as i was reading, there's tears in my eyes

Tricia Tan (8:04 PM) :

aiya dun be too emotional lar

|shEphErd (8:05 PM) :

no lah... just amazed how great God's grace is

|shEphErd (8:05 PM) :

the faithfulness he has for us

Tricia Tan (8:06 PM) :

yar... actualli when i tink back abt my backslide i will be overwhelmed with fear... but also thankfulness of God pulling me back to His light

|shEphErd (8:06 PM) :

hmmm... amen!!


well... indeed i was tearing a bit too... but cannot cry cos i'm still in the office typing this. hehe... the above conversation reminds me of the wonderful memories of me leading the student group from 1997 till 2001. it is just so amazing. i miss times when i challenge people with my heart and soul, with my tears and with my strength. but i'm glad that God bring me to YA so that I can mature and know him even better. Indeed the Sunday Service is realli different from Youth Service. Cos it is so much more teaching of the Word, prayer and Worship. And I have a wonderful CG, a family in Christ that realli cares for me and listen to me as well.

Well. God is good. he never fails. And I pray also that my dearest colleague sitting next to my desk will come to know this good Lord in one month's time. :)

gtg... catch ya soon.



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