Thursday, June 12, 2003

ready steady go!! (whistle) oh yeah... it has been a tough week cos physically din have enough rest to recuperate myself. anyway yesterday the forgetful me forgotten to take the hp back with me to the office. then my colleagues decided to play a joke on me by switching off my hp and kept it from me first (teach me a lesson). when i realised that my hp is lost, i've decided to give thanks. I prayed to God and told him that if he has a new hp to give me why not... (haha... to cover up my mistake, this should be the way) so when i din managed to find my hp at the canteen i went back to office and my colleague then passed the hp back to me.

anyway the hp is not important but what's most important is the lost soul out there. I've attempted to get michelle to church after so many attempts. but i din give up. what's the funniest thing is that I've tried to get alex to get her down with me rather than just myself alone. so i made him talk to her over the phone. hehe... we are almost there liaoz....

today she asked me about some questions about whether will i be holding joss sticks and pray to my ancestors or next time if my parents pass away can i pray to them too. i answered her doubts and i'm glad that she asked me these questions. haha
it's a great time to SOW in the heart of the lost. I hope that I can continue to be salt and light in the world. i wanna be a great evangelist to witness to the lost souls. i wanna take up the leadership role by pastoring his pple.

haha i tink i am just so excited about what's going to happen to me next. now i am waiting for michelle to leave office with me. i hope that i will be able to get her to church within the next two weeks. she's my number one target after such a long break from evax. hehe.... God pls forgive me for my unfaithfulness..... i hope that you will anoint me again.

your child and princess.....


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