Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Hi everybody!! God is a good good good good God!!! yeah yeah!! he had my paryers answered. I managed to go for the full church camp from Thursday 5 June till Sunday 8 June. Supposedly, I have to work on this coming Saturday but thank God he postponed the working Saturday till the next month.

I'm happy, joyful and feel so marvellous... I think coming camp (A Courageous Community) I need to set some goals and objectives whereby I have not even started. I think tonight and tomorrow night I need to set aside some time to seek God and get his word of advice. So that I will be able to set some realistic goals and objectives.

Also, need to keep praying for my boss (Alex). He needs a job!! God, will u grant him a job pls... so that he can extend your kingdom even much more... I know you will!!! Amen!!! So why worry. Trust in the Lord who provides.... ;)

~ what will u do if u were to live your life again? ~ tell me ok??


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