Monday, January 05, 2009

The Negative Side Of Technology

Yes, I have to say that some of us are hooked on Facebook while others are always looking at the latest gadgets and technology. It is true that we have all somehow became the victims of technology. Not that we have not benefited from it, but because it offers too many benefits that it also offered some serious side-effects as well.

I remember those days that we have no pagers or mobile phones. There was only a land-line to call to home. Those were the days that we fix meet-ups or catch-up times with merely phone calls or we would fix the appointments way ahead. We used thick planners or notebooks (not laptops) for planning. But we enjoyed every bit of it. In schools, we see love letters tucked under the desks of the ones that we admired, notes of thanks to those that we want to appreciate etc. But somehow, technology has already erased them all.

Where had the punctuality gone to? Where have the notes of love and care went? They have all replaced by smses of “I’m sorry, will be late” and e-cards with little words.

I believe that if technology continue to be so convenient for us that we have also conveniently shown love through the “easier” means, the society would become colder and there would be of less human touch.

Balance it all up and I think it will do us good. And yes, love and care can never be replaced by superpoking each other.



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