Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Love For Singing vs The Lord For Worship

Mr brain went blank when I wanted to blog about my thoughts just now. What should I write about? Maybe I should just pen down my born passion - singing.

I remembered writing about my love to talk. I have learnt to talk before I learnt to walk when I was a toddler of 2 years old. It is amazing when one learns to talk first... while still crawling and bum-ing around at home. That was me.

However, something that amazed me even more was that love and passion for singing.

My mum shared with me that whenever Tracy Huang (黄莺莺) appears on TV, I will always be the first to sit in front of the TV and listen to her singing. I will too sing along with her as I learn the song. It is always a mystery how I can memorise lyrics without much effort at all. Whenever I watch her singing on TV, I will be so focused that no one can seem to interrupt me... as if I was in a trance.

Slowly, it became a known thing that I simply love to sing. My neighbours will always be playing the "talent-time" competition with me, and we will be the singing contestants. It was so funny when every kid at my block longs to be a singer one day. When I went to Primary School, music lesson will be my most look-forward to lesson. I loved the instruments, the notes and the songs. During my secondary school days, my teacher even listened to my singing and invited me to sing in front of the whole class during a music lesson. That was how I have been growing as a kid into singing and music.

But it didn't stop there. When I came to know the Lord in Hope at the age of 15, I came to realise that God touched me really deeply in worship. I remembered crying out before the Lord when i sang "Shout to the Lord". It was a song that ministered to my heart through and through. From then on, I know that worship is a way that I connect with God most. Of cos, I know that it is not the one and only way but God's Word and prayer is also a must to have in my relationship with Jesus. Therefore, I took time to balance it all up during my initial spiritual growth stages.

Today, I know that singing is no longer just singing. I reckon that worship and singing are two different things. I would say that the passion for singing has been replaced by my passion to worship God in love and His Word. Without God, singing would just be so meaningless. I thank God that He has taught me to live life not just in my emotions but in accordance to what has been given to me through the Holy Spirit.

I love to sing still. But I love to worship God even more.

Of cos, worship is not equal to singing and music. Worship is about living out the words that you sing in a pleasing manner unto the Lord. That is worship.



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