Monday, January 19, 2009

Today's really a very bad day for me. Came in the morning with my director's face black on me. There wasn't any room for booking and the hotel staff is giving me plenty of problems. Dad called me at a time when everyone's getting on my nerves. He's asking for money again. I am just so pissed. Can't it be just a time that he is not asking for this or asking for that? And he only comes to me because he knows that no one else will be bothered about him.

I am just so disappointed because he only comes to me when he needs help. Will he ever think of us when he is all well and happy? Perhaps he does. But only God knows him.

But you know something? The scariest part sometimes is not living with someone. It is living under the shadow of someone that haunts you even when you are not staying with him.

I want to break free of all these negative experiences of childhood. I need to.


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