Friday, August 22, 2008

Leadership Dinner, 21 August 2008

Last night, we had our dinner with Pastor and the rest of the leaders at Chiang Mai Palace. It was pretty unusual to have a meeting and celebration at a restaurant, especially when it was held for 70+ leaders. However, we had our fair share of fun, laughter and sharing together.

The pastoral staff went through a lot of pains to think of how to get the leaders to mingle together more. So, they planned the seating arrangements so that we cannot change our seats... hmm, sounds very wedding dinner right? Ok, in this way, I think it really forces us to get to know people from other districts? =)

Anyway, we had a few announcements and good news for the pastoral ministry and we were all very much excited about it! And indeed, God has poured in so much growth in our ministry and we really are very much excited about what God is going to do next in our midst. Yes, serious work in the Kingdom of God! yeap...

So for now, just a few pics for you to see... :P

Jean and Me... I knew Jean way way back in 1996, when I just got to know the Lord. We were on bus 166 back to our AMK homes, and she shared with me a very nice Christian story, "The Room" and also the 4 different personalities. She is a very smart gal and I really love her presence...

Games time!

My table... of CLs... the lady seated next to me is Jieyun. :) The 2 brothers are Nicholas (forefront of picture) and Jinghe, seated next to Nic.

We were all trying very hard to play icebreaker games... but somehow, the games caused more ice? hahaha... cos I was speaking what Jieyun indicated as "寒语" (han2 yu3), which meant "cold language"... haha... silly me!

Glad to catch up with Jieyun once again! It was really a good time!! :)

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