Sunday, August 10, 2008

Nostalgic Photos of GN3

Posting some really old pics that I've kept for years... haha... some are really antique and I don't really remember how i had these pics... i think most likely these were from Adrian and Steven P.. cos during those days, only they have digital cameras.. =p

This CG is the first CG that I had in Adults group. I think it was really a good one cos I didn't know that God prepared such a good one for me... and Josh of cos! The CG had majority brothers and they were taking very good care of us... (Maybe because we were the only sisters in the CG? hahaha...)

I remember the CG to was very loving and we loved to spend time playing pool (my first time playing pool was when I came to Adults CG...), having dinners, having fun together and serving God together. The first time when we went to choir for duty, the CLs in the unit actually bought 2 roses, one for me and one for Josh. It was very kind of them to do that to encourage us.

My first church camp in the adult group.. at Orchard Hotel... 2003

CG brothers, Adrian and Bryan...

My CL - Alex Tan ( we used to call him Boss...:p)

Retreat as an unit at Genting... they celebrated my bdae there... this was 2003 too... But was a pretty tough year for me... work and family... :p Thank God that I survived!

Seriously speaking, now as I looked back, I really know and understand how it is like to serve God as a leader. I appreciate my leader more than before. And this CG will always live in my heart. :)

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