Friday, August 15, 2008

Long Lost Sheep... Baa...

I haven't enjoyed meeting up with people for a long long time... especially when it comes to meeting people that I used to take care of, I will be especially enthusiastic. I have been feeling rather nostalgic recently (as u can see from my previous few entries..) and therefore, I made an effort to meet arrange a meet-up with 2 of my ex-sheep from CG in Youth and I remember very clearly that the CG's name was HSA6 and HSA12. Yes... the CGs were so many last time in the Youth that one unit can have 12 CGs... and one CG can be as big as 20 people?? haha...

These 2 sheep were in my core-team and they really kena a lot of shepherd's pies from me... I used to be a very strict and serious shepherd and leader, so serious that I can always correct them day in day out (Dewen can testify to this... hahaha...) But these 2 gals really are very obedient, sweet and teachable. Geok Eng was from Tanjong Katong Sec and Jialin was from Tanjong Katong Girls. The uniforms that they wore have one thing in common - they are both green in color. That explains why I am so in love with green last time too.. (cos Gan Eng Seng Sec's uniform was also in GREEN!! haha...)

We had a very good catchup yesterday at Miss Clarity Cafe at Purvis Street. The food was quite nice and the atmosphere was fantastic. Majority of the youths & "older youths" like me were there for catch-ups... haha... When I first got to know Jialin, she was only 12 yrs old and Geok Eng, 13. They were both in sec 1s and we were outreaching to the fresh sec 1s in TK and TKGS. They were like quite cute cos they are very blur and I was just so happy to outreach to these kids. The days at Joo Chiat was memorable and we had many wonderful memories over there. The celebrations, joy, tears and struggles... all in all were beautiful.

Today, after a good 10 years, we caught up and both of them are doing well in their jobs and in their ministries in church. I am so so blessed by these 2 girls. I am so glad that they have grown so much in the Lord and are still pursuing God today. Jialin was telling me that she is very amazed at how I managed to contact and keep in touch with the TKGS girls that were once in the CG. I told her that I was amazed at myself too. But somehow, I thought that this will be one thing that I want to do, that is to bring them back to the Lord.

My gosh, whenever I thought of these students that I once led in the sheep-pen, my heart simply weeps because many of them are already not in church and not with God. I hope that God will use me to bring them back to Him again.

Anyway, this is supposed to be a happy blog entry... so better not turn it the other way. So enjoy the pictures ya? *We seriously had loads of fun yesterday... picturing one another with 3 digital cameras... hahaha... enjoy!!

Jialin n Yanz

Yanz and Geok Eng

Jialin and Geok Eng

My corny face... haha...

Acting slim again? (fat hope... hahaha...)

Sheep and Shepherd...

This is the last pic we took at SMU bus-stop... hope that our friendship will be stronger as the years go by! More days to go babes!!



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