Monday, August 18, 2008


Last weekend was a pretty slow one for me. Saturday was flooded with heavy downpour, sun, drizzling rain, cold wind etc... The weather has forced me to stay home for the whole morning and early afternoon. I have got no choice any way. So I stayed at home and took a short nap... But besides catching up on my sleep, I was thinking about my life. Why have I so much negative thoughts in me? Why am I constantly filled with complaints and discontentment? So this reflection went on for a while.

Still again, on Sunday, Ps Jeff's sermon spoke to me once again. I think God has a timely way of reminding people of things and re-emphasizing on matters that He wants to learn and grow in. Ps Jeff's illustration on "the atmosphere that you bring with you..." certainly struck a chord in my heart. I was definitely convicted that the atmosphere that I bring with me might not be the best one. I should continue to inspire others to be joyful and loving, not with negative thoughts or feelings.

So that gave me a good enough reason to work on the "atmosphere" in Tricia.

In fact, why am I still dissatisfied? I should be more than glad right? I have friends who stood by me when I was down, discouraged, unwell etc... I have a shepherd that gives to me more than the usual of other shepherds. I have sheep that cares for me. I have friends that really want to help me to grow. I have all that I need. And most importantly, I have a God that loves me and cares for me, forgives me when I do wrong, accepts me when I am weak, helps me to fulfill my potential and gives me the best that I can handle.

Shouldn't I be glad and thankful?

It is really good to reflect and think back about life. What else should I ask for but that God's favor to be upon me everyday of my life.

Yes, I will trust and believe God for His greatest blessings in me.



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