Saturday, August 09, 2008

Happy 6th year old, Angel!

Today marks the 43rd birthday of Singapore and it also is the 6th birthday of my niece Angel! It is so amazing to see how she has grown from a baby to a cute little gal. She is the closest to me, simply because on the day that she was born, I decided to go back to God (after backsliding for a period of 4-6 months). She is my precious angel indeed. Perhaps, that is also why I am very attached to this little gal.

Here's Angel giving a happy smile... :p

Timothy Tan, the little guy who gives very charming smile at times... and he loves to sing... haha... but no one knows what he's singing at times...

My bro and his youngest son...

The eldest nephew... very active and mischievous... but I guess that he will really be good in sports in he future...

The Tan family... Seriously, it is not easy to have 3 kids at home especially living expenditure is so high in Singapore... Hope that the kids will grow to be wiser each day.. yesh!!

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