Monday, August 18, 2008

Money No Enough 2

Just watched this movie on Sat night. Like many others, they won't watch it because they thought that it is the same kind of jokes, same kind of drama.. nothing much... and nothing fantastic to expect from a Singapore produce but I was wrong! For a local movie, it seriously has touched the hearts of the local singaporeans, the heartlanders, the simple people who are struggling to survive in this place that requires such high cost of living - Singapore.

Yesh, some parts were lame but many parts were just so moving. I think it really changed my perspective about Jack Neo's movie. It is simply awesome! Simple but yet awfully wonderful!! I cried during the movie, believe it anot! This movie has gave me reminders about myself, my family and my simplicity.

I think Jack Neo is simply such a fantastic movie-maker. God has given him a talent to see things beyond the underlying hearts, frowns and headaches of people. It all happened because he wants to see things happen and he did it.

I think it is time to watch this show and get yourself reminded of some real stuff in your life. :)

You will simply LOVE it!!



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