Monday, June 09, 2008

Church Camp Objectives

The church camp this year brought me to a greater height in my trust in God. I know that many times, the insecure me did not allow me to lead my group to the fullest potential than it should have been. My fears and incapabilities have caused me to be a leader of little words - words that should speak forth truth and love, strength and courage, obedience and humility. I know what it takes to be a true leader, one that really believes in speaking nothing but the truth, truth from God.

This camp has made me realised that I need to learn to bring my insecurity to the lowest and my humility to the highest. I need to be humble to fear God in all circumstances. When it is time to fear God, I have to fear Him by speaking the Word of God with authority and in love. But when it is time to have fun and play, we shall all have fun together. I know that God has brought me to a stage to understand myself better.

At the end of the day, the CG is not just a place where we just talk crap and have fun. The CG must last, last till the day when Jesus bring us back to our place of origin. We simply need to know that to be in a CG, it takes effort to fellowship, trust to believe in one another, willingness to listen, grow and change! It is only in such a setting where there is hard work, then will there be people who love to join us.

Jesus is the reason for us to exist. He paid the price. So, now is the time for me to lay down my pride and pay my price, a much higher one.

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