Friday, May 02, 2008

Labour Day Break

Labour Day ought to be a day away from work and labour? I wonder how many Singaporeans really had a good "break"?

Mine was quite of an interesting day. I woke up at 7.30am ydae and washed my clothes. Wah... talking about rest from work.. washing clothes can be quite a labour too! ha.. I left house at 8.30am as I was supposed to meet Shawn and team for P&W practice for LanSim and Mark's wedding. I reached Redhill MRT station at about 9.20am and no one was there yet.. so I went on to the most happening place in Redhill! The Redhill hawker centre... Indeed, I miss the mornings when I accompanied my mum to market for breakfast and marketing when I was in my prinmary sch days... When I stepped into the market, it feels like I am young all over again! (ha... as if hor...)

Anyway, I text Ps Jasmine for breakfast when I see that no one was there yet. Ps Jasmine used to be my shepherd and I often go to her place for overnight shepherding. Missed those times so much. She called me while I was queuing up for the "char-kwey" which is also known as carrot cake. But then, I think it was too late cos the team was already reaching soon. And I managed to catch Ps Jasmine only for 5-10mins chit chat. Although it was a short summary of catch up, but it was gd! I will catch her up more soon... Haha... anyway, that "char-kwey" took me 20-30mins to queue and the portion was really BIG!! The uncles at the stall looked like ex-gangsters as they have tatoos all over their bodies. However, I reckon that they have the most wonderful service and attitude cos every single packet of "char-kwey" was fried with much TLC. haha..

Anyway, kudos to Shawn who bought us the beancurd! Marvellous breakfast! Equation goes like this:

"Char-kwey" + beancurd + PnW + Cool Fellowship = blessed morning!

So, after pract, I accompanied Shawn (ex-shepherd-in-law) and Christine (ex-shepherd) to IKEA to buy furniture. Besides them buying furniture, I was happily buying stuff for myself.. I bought 2 towels, one accessories hanger, Shoes Shelves etc.. I tink IKEA is currently celebrating their "30 Something" bdae. Therefore, loads of promotions and "creative" activities happening now... If you wanna get a gd bargain, go to IKEA from 1-4 May. haha...

After shopping at IKEA, Shawn and Christine sent me home to Yishun while they headed to Yishun SAFRA for a happening time of KTV. Hmm, the moment I reached home, I went into a blackout time... SLEEP! Slept for 2 hours plus before I was being woken up by my dearest Angel. She was calling me outside my room... and wanted to go into the room and accompany me. haha... I think my niece really misses me. Have I shared this ever before? When I went home for my second or third weekend after shifting out, my niece asked me to put my photoframe somewhere more obvious. She said that by looking at the photo, she will be able to see me everyday even though I am not ard at home. How loving isn't it? I really miss her...

My day ended off with a nice dinner with nice pple. We had pasta at Creation, at Shaw Leisure Gallery. A dinner set comprising soup of the day, main course, drink and dessert, all at a cost of $15.20. The best thing is this: Every portion is N-I-C-E!! It is worth trying if u like pasta... :p The companionship is also an X-factor. Those who were at the dinner were Mikka, Gloria, Lirong and Ei Li. But then, it was sad that I didn't take any picture for the entire day. haha...

Btw, I had a pretty gd time with my sec sch frens on Labour Day's eve. As usual, I was the target for "suan-ing"... What's new right? haha... We went to PS Cafe at Dempsey... It is such a nice place. Anyone wanna go with me again?

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