Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Updates abt my new job!

Ok. I've been sharing with many friends about my new job, and now, I should write it down as a tribute to God. :)

I've started my new job last month, on the 13th. It was just a short 3 days break from my previous and I barely had any rest. My first day to work was a long long journey. I left home at 7.15am, only to reach office at about 8.40am. haha.. yesh, u r right... from Yishun to West Coast is a good 1 hour 30 minutes everyday.

However, the distance did not deter me from continuing on in this job. Distance is a side factor. The main factors were all blessed by God greatly. I have a great boss, who actually visited Hope before. She is a Christian and she loves God very dearly. However, she is now attending any church with another friend. Hope that she will continue to grow in the Lord. :)

Great colleagues is another factor. Not that my previous colleagues are worse, but this bunch of colleagues are really very guai. So far, I have not really seen anyone taking smoking breaks here. Haha... the most is tea breaks lor... :p

Environment is quiet and peaceful. I am sitting right outside my CEO's room. Haha, how coincidental isn't it... But then, sitting outside his room can be quite stressful at times. haha.. cos u dunnoe when is he going to ask u in for kopi...

Industry... hmm, quite a dry industry... but then it can be interesting at times. It is a company doing IT Business Solutions for manufacturing and semiconductor industry. Very niche and super technical. I am still trying to understand the business..somehow got a bit here and there. Still must 'study' more into it.

guess that this job is really a God-given one. My third day into the job, my boss told me that she wants to groom me to be a manager in the near future. She finds that I have potential. haa... I was like, jaws drop... and it was during lunchtime when she said that. We work very well together as the whole team only comprises of just the 2 of us. But then, we have many common principles and ground rules.. and that make things easier to work abt. And the best thing is, she told me that she only interviewed me, the only candidate, she went home, pray abt it and God confirmed it. Isn't it a God-given blessing?

And I know that God is going to great things here. Not because it is a new job, but it is going to be a brand new experience for me. :)

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