Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dream House

Recently I have this crave to hunt for online pictures on nice houses... haha.. perhaps it is that instinct that I really feel like having my own home. That is why I just want to look at houses... So I realised that that many times, I will be so much attracted to houses that are by the river, sea or overlook some vast skies or land. Cool!

I thought that I would never be a person that likes quiet pastures... but nevertheless, I think I really love a life of slowing down than that of a city life.

Looking at the picture above simply gives me joy... hoho... trees, rivers.. wow... nature-lover like me will not have complaints... but then hopefully that I will not be chased by bees or mosquitoes... haha...

I like this one... cos I can see mountains and sunsets... nice! cool and quiet...

and here comes my dream house!!

I think I will not stay in Singapore for my entire life. I hope not... :p

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Anonymous Xiaoyun said...

Amen yan!..tats beautiful..! =) God loves you! He knows what you desire! =)

Sat Apr 19, 01:18:00 AM GMT+8 

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