Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Random Thots

Looking through my previous company’s website and saw a video that they did up for PSA (Project Super Achievers). My gosh!! I saw myself in the video lor… ~faintz~ That was when I was only 1 month old with the company… and there I was, facilitating the students in the games… haha… I really quite miss the time that I was coaching the students. It was a mountain-full of experiences, a very steep learning curve indeed.

As I looked back to my coaching job, my FP job and my current job, I can’t help but to give thanks to God for the process. The coaching job gave me a very fulfilling time, a time that not only I have learnt to coach others, I was also being coached as well. I looked back in my life and I saw many times of insecurity and reflection of my childhood days. The background of my family, how I have been brought up etc, gave me a true rewind of what life was meant to be in me. However, if not for God, I don’t think I am able to overcome all my negative self-portrayals a step at a time. I have learnt to forgive my family and love my parents. If not for Jesus, I think I would still be suffering in silence, and might even have committed suicides some years back. Some people asked me, “Why are you always so happy? Jovial? Worry-free?” I can only say that I am such a jovial person because I have found Christ. Perhaps I am noisy to a certain extent and people can’t tolerate that kind of noise level, but still, I can only say that my “noise” came from my real self, not my made-up being. I enjoy being myself. However, if you really find that I am too noisy, just let me know bah… btw, I have toned down quite a fair bit, I wonder if you have realized it. It is kinda unfair to me, just to say that I am noisy when you have not even know me to a deeper level.

Anyway, back to my coaching job… to my amazement, within a short 8 months of training with the students last year, I have managed to conquer 9,000 over students. How amazing, isn’t it?

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