Thursday, April 24, 2008


I was reading a book tt my shepherd passed to me and the chapter that I was reading was taking about Christ's love for me. It said something that struck me deeply, something that I knew but never understood. It says, "Jesus loves you not for who you are. He simply does!" wow.. what an amazing statement.

So J.L.Y.A.S.D.I. has lingered on my msn nick for some time. Some of my friends actually guessed it correctly. The acronym stands for "Jesus Loves You And So Do I". This made me realised how much God's love is unconditiona and embracing. He knows and cares for me even when I am the most sinful and rebellious at times. How great is the love of our Father!

As I reflect and remembered the love of God in my life, it pushes me to think how much love have I shown to the people in my life. Mind you, I have so many friends in my life that it is still counting... However, i am determined to show love to pple not by the words that I say but also the things that I do. When it feels that nobody loves you, it is even more important that you ought to love others through actions. This is simply because, "Love replicates Love"!

Ok. So what about now? It is time to replicate love.

Btw, anyone wanna show love to moi? haha... You can replicate love for me too...




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