Thursday, April 24, 2008

Praise and Worship pract for Nic & Wilfy's Wedding

Ok.. here comes some of the pics that we took last Sunday, for the P&W pract for N&W's wedding. Ok, I admit that I'm really nervous and stressed up. What to do.. got to lead for 400 over guests. I just simply gotta depend on God isn't it? haha.. Ok here comes the pics... :)

Veron our keyboardist...

Joseph, our vocalist

I thot this pic actually quite amusing... I think he's gonna strangle me for this.. haha...

Me and shuping... Shuzhen's meimei FYI

Serious looks... haha...

Seng and band.. look at their serious faces... I don't dare to play and talk crap... muahaha... oh, can you see Kuan Loong?? he's on the right..

Esmond, our multi-talented guy too. :p

Gwen and me.. talk abt being in the same ministry... simply miss this sista...

and she's moi vocalist for that day too.. :p



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