Thursday, December 21, 2006

Memories in the office

Since the day Pamela, Andrew and Huimin stepped into FP, things have been really different for me. I have seen a great change in the culture of Corp Comms Dept. Things really changed. In fact, everything seems to have changed for the better, especially towards me.

You can't believe what I did last evening in the office. I started digging out all the old photos that we took since last year August. I started to ask everyone to look at Huimin's photo which she was still slimmer? haha... working in FP can prove that FP is a feeding company... eat and eat and eat... soon, Pamela, Huimin and Andrew all flood to my desk to look at the pics. we laughed abt the stupid and silly mistakes we have made.... especially me... always bringing the people to wrong the place... first to Bayshore Park, then to Da Chang Jin... alamak... me n my stupid direction sense... proven to be true.

We laughed n laughed n laughed... till the point that tears came into my eyes. Not because it was really super funny, but cos of the fact that I am leaving them really soon. Andrew see the pics and halfway he really cannot tahan. He told me just now that he almost cried last night. I think I almost did too. Well, of cos I didn't. I need to control mah... haha...

I think the many memories flooded into our minds.. and we were all reminded of the beautiful memories and many fun times we had together.

When I met up with Andrew and Pamela just now, Andrew told me about how he felt and that he had never felt so bad before about a colleague leaving the company. He asked if I will cry if I dedicate a song to me on Sat afternoon... but I think Huimin will surely cry if she hears that. But I'm thankful that she is in Hong Kong now... so that she don't have to think about my departure. But Andrew's words struck deep in my heart. He apologised for not giving me enough attention for the past few months... due to his busy datelines etc. Well, it is never anyone's fault. I just felt that I can't move on in this line. Although at times, I really don't know why I get so upset for. But I know that deep in my heart, I want to have more of everyone's attention in the office.

I am childish in this sense but I am also frank of my need for people's concern for me. Well, I just have to grow out of all these so that I will be even more independent than before. What Pamela told me last time is true... I need to learn from Huiming in some areas... being more decisive and not emotional. Aiya... whatever it is, it is a team of members that help to cover one another. Even though we have had loads of conflicts and frustrations, when things doesn't move our way, we always learn to let go and move on. It might seems tough for me at some point, but as I reflect, I gain great lessons from it.

I'll post some pics up later on... time for some reflection... :p

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