Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A reunion with ex-shepherd

As Christmas draws nearer, the number of choir practices are increasing as well... Somehow, we are anticipating a good time this year, at Kallang Theatre. With all the musical drama, performances and dance, we will be able to see a great deal of performances this year. Most importantly, the reason for Christmas will be re-emphasised again, hoping that more people will understand the true meaning behind Christmas, not just giving gifts, shopping or partying. The true reason will be made known to you, only if you have an open heart to realise it.

I reached Somerset ydae at 6pm. Why so early? Cos I managed to hitch a cab ride from my boss who was going to town as well. I walked towards Centrepoint, and as I approached level 2 on the escalator, I saw Ps Jasmine looking at the cart stall's earrings intensively. haha... My ex-shepherd... I finally get to meet her, with no agenda or fixed appointment. When she last shepherded me, it was year 2000 if I'm not wrong. So I stood beside her and asked, " Hi Mdm, is there anything I can help you?" haha... and there I saw her very smilely and shocked at my presence. So there, we looked at the earrings and I accompanied her to buy some photoframes, that she intended to get for her family members.

Walking around with her made me feel like her sheep again. Haha... and she had a brand new haircut. I shan't post her pics here... haha... check out her new haircut in the tertiary service... hee... We had some good time eating dinner together, with Yupei and Baowei. After that, we went for choir and band practices.

Had some good time with Rachael and Mama Jac, and of cos, my dearest choir buddies... I just don't know why I was so high yesterday but I was basically crappy throughout the whole practice. hee... and now, we wanna work towards having the fun of the year, our Christmas celebration... I need to get time off to buy gifts leh... sweat!!

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Blogger Tiger said...

Jia You!!!! :)

Thu Dec 14, 10:12:00 AM GMT+8 
Blogger Jesuafreak said...

Yada... Remember to buy me my present hor~

Nothing expensive lah.. i can always do with some Mont Blanc Pen or some elctronic devices.. Hahaha

PS: can turn off the word verification boh..super ma fan

Fri Dec 15, 12:39:00 AM GMT+8 

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