Wednesday, April 14, 2004

New Job ~ New People ~ New Beginning

Yes... must be wondering why I didn't blog recently right? I'm kind of busy as I have just started my new job. On Monday I've reported my work at the training institute and went through a one day training and orientation programme. Got to know new friends during the orientation as there are many who will soon be trained as cashiers and retail assistants. They are not very educated... most are N or O level graduates. But I feel that they are all simple people living simple lives. That is what I find special about them. After a day's training, we managed to finish the training at 5.05pm. Hee leaving earlier than the usual 5.35pm. :) God is so nice....

Day two... started my work in the office. Couldn't sleep cos I'm too afriad that I will be late. So much so that I woke up at 6.30am. Madness... I took bus from Yishun to my office... but ended up I alighted at the wrong bus-stop along Upper Thomson Rd. Then I was panicking cos I will be late soon. Then at the forresty place, I doubt there will be cab. But God blessed me... after flagging for three times, finally a comfort cab came. Haha... then hor... when I boarded the cab, the cab driver ask me,"here got apartment meh? How come u flag for cab here??" I was so pai seh cos he suaned me. Haha hmm I told him that I alighted at the wrong bus-stop mar.... keke
anyway, I met my two friendly colleagues and my boss. They are so fun that I can't believe my ears and eyes. Hmm they are really nice and friendly. My boss is approachable and he takes care of the two girls very well. As for the rest from the Public Affairs dept they are not as friendly but maybe after sometime, things will change as I get to know then better. Well, so far not much things to do yet but I know it is going to be fun. Tell u more about how God blessed me with this job next time. I'm tired... need to prepare for CG... Take care and see you guys!!

PS: Jona I've updated myself in the blog as requested.... happy liao hor?? Hehe


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