Saturday, April 10, 2004

Good Friday - A Time to Remember

Yesterday was a great time of fun and love that we had together. It was really a time to reflect on God's love given to us. After watching Passion for 3 times, the impact on me is even greater. Definitely, this is not the first time I see this scene of the cross in my life, cos I've ever imagined how painful it is to be cruxified on the cross. The scene, the picture and the pain. But for sure, I can never identify with the Lord Jesus as I have never been up there before. I'm glad that I've brought two of my ex-poly classmates to the movie. One is kinda skeptical but the other was full of questions and curosity. I'm very glad that at least they have heard and know what the gospel is all about. In fact, I pray that both of them will really come to know the Lord soon.

Talking about the Good Friday party yesterday, James brought two pre-believers, Terence and Grace. They came for a few of our activities before. Can see that they enjoyed themselves. We had a great time of food, laughter and games. Played two games in all.... haha but I shan't describe the games... haha or else u will be stumbled.... keke. Well, I should say that all in all, we had fun!! But the most touching part is when we celebrated Bee Nah's birthday.... It was really touching when we affirmed her. I could almost see that her eyes were red... and she almost cried... maybe a bit more of touching statements will make a difference hehe. Anyway I'm really tired at this point. I better go and sleep before I have no more chance to rest more... My work is coming on Monday already. God blessed all of you!!!

Love and Praises to the Most High God,


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